Dream Dictionary

A dream dictionary is helpful in interpreting the meaning being one's images and dramas while asleep. A dream dictionary is a tool that anyone can use to analyze the symbols and recurring themes one is bombarded with while sleeping.

A person usually turns to a dream dictionary when they have particularly disturbing or recurrent images that are remembered while awakening. Others will turn to a dream dictionary after recording these images and symbols in a journal by the bed in order to get a handle on what is going on in their daily lives.

The dream dictionary on this website is categorize A to Z as with any other dictionary and reflects imagery, symbols and meaning of common and not so common dreams. The A - Z dream dictionary will be useful for those searching for meaning that impacts their daily lives.

The dream dictionary will also help many people not to feel alone as millions of others share the same themes in the collective unconscious. The interpretations in the dream dictionary stem from the works of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Frederick Perls, Alfred Adler and others.

The meanings behind being chased, naked, flying, falling and taking an exam are examined in the dream dictionary. There are also common symbols in the dream dictionary as well such as monsters, animals, colors, movement and relationships that will help unlock the waking dramas in one's current life.

Sometimes past events will also intrude upon current realities and the dream dictionary will help address these issues as well. By coming to terms with one's images and symbols at night while one sleeps, a person can also come to terms with stressors while fully awake.

Take a tour of the dream dictionary to find out what your symbols, themes and dramas mean and how this information from your unconscious mind impacts your daily life. Who knows as you may just solve a mystery that's been gnawing at you for years.

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